Absentee Policy


  • The following is the MAX of allowed absences:
    • Students who come ONCE a week — 5
    • Students who come TWICE a week — 7
    • Students who come THRICE a week —9
      *This excludes: Christmas show and specialty practices
  • If a child misses MORE than this number, they will NOT get their attendance award at the annual recital.
  • I’m asked EVERY year if illness counts as an absence… of course… if a child is sick from school, they get an absence, same goes for dance.
  • We do NOT take it lightly to withhold this trophy, but this teaches the children/parents to choose wisely as to what is an important enough reason to miss…because you never know when you HAVE to miss.
  • If you have multiple children like I do, it IS tough to make it all work, I know. I would advise parents to get to know each so that if your one child is sick, you may still have someone who can take the other child(ren) to lessons so they don’t all get an absence.

TNT may, at any time it deems necessary, refuse enrollment to any student for the following reasons: consistent non-payment of tuition or other bills, disruption to the class, fighting with other children or staff, continual disrespect of any TNT family member.


  • There are times that TNT Studio of Dance may use studio photos in paper advertising
  • TNT Studio of Dance ALSO posts pictures on social media/website from recitals/rehearsals/picture day/other candid photos for FUN and for the ability of parents to see some cute photos of some of our extra fun.


  • There are times that we BUY BACK previous costumes. These are usually from BIG groups, so keep those costumes!
  • Costume DONATIONS are accepted at ANY time. So, if you’d like to empty those closets…bring them in!


We frequently perform at different community events, your child may be asked to join.

  • These are NOT mandatory
  • Extra practice may be required (free of charge)
  • Students are ALWAYS expected to be kind, friendly, and professional at ALL events.


  • By email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • By phone at 610-377-TNT1
  • On Facebook

Student Responsibilities:


  • Do I have my dance bag? (Shoes, kneepads, toepads, water bottle, etc.)
  • Is my hair in a ponytail?
  • Do I have my mask?
  • NEVER wear your dance shoes outdoors!
  • Am I wearing stretchy clothes? NO jeans.
  • No hoodies or baggy pants for class.
  • Be ready early to avoid stress at home.


  • Arrive 10 minutes early please.
  • Enter upstairs for temperature check.
  • Place your outside shoes in the space provided at entrances of studio.
  • Use the restroom NOW, not during class. (** Tinymite parents, please assist your little one.)
  • Find a place to STRETCH as soon as possible to prepare for class.
  • Look for Xs 6-feet apart to place your items.


  • Students are expected to be kind and courteous to their fellow dancers and teachers.
  • We all have strengths and weaknesses; this is understood by all instructors. But a student is expected to always work to their highest potential in every class. When a student says “I can’t” is when the teacher will prove that, indeed, they CAN.
  • If you any questions or problems during class you are ENCOURAGED to talk to your teacher about it or you can always see Debbie as well.
  • HAVE FUN!!!


Be sure you have your...

  • shoes — TWO of each
  • drink container (recycle ALL plastic)
  • jacket/extra clothes
  • any notices given to you by your teacher
  • clean up any food mess
  • phone, electronics, coloring books, etc.

If waiting outside for pickup...

  • NEVER wait alone. If there is nobody outside with you, please come inside to wait
  • ALWAYS stay on the steps or sidewalks, do NOT enter the street at ANY time
  • Cross the street at the CROSSWALK, it is not safe to crosss at any other place

Children caught climbing or sitting on the rail will be asked to come inside. After repeated requests, they will need to remain indoors.

Parent Responsibilities:


  • If your child has a break, they may bring a snack, please make it a non-messy snack.  No peanuts at any time.
  • They need to have a SCREW TOP cap on any drinks, water is encouraged. Refillable drink bottles are allowed if they LOCK (won’t leak)
  • Again, if they have a break, something to keep them content is encouraged as well.
  • Everything should fit in their dance bag for easy transport.
  • Everything should ALWAYS be labeled for easy return of forgotten items.


  • Arrive 10 minutes early please.
  • Place your outside shoes in the space provided at entrances of studio. If you are uncomfortable removing your shoes, please remain at the entrances on the mats provided for wet/dirty shoe traffic. A big thank you for this, it’s tough to keep the studio clean without this.
  • Parent Viewing Policy 21-22 — Check your calendar for weeks that parents are allowed to stay for classes. But the following are the only times set for parent viewing:
    • 1st THREE weeks of October
    • First week of January
    • First week of March
  • Be sure that you have provided me with a phone number to contact you in case of an emergency or weather event.
  • Tinymite parents may stay each week until noted, then they, too, will be asked to leave to allow for better focus.


Parents and family members are expected to remain seated and quiet during classes.


  • PLEASE DO NOT double park outside the studio, it causes unbelievable safety issues for these kids.
  • PLEASE DO NOT PARK ILLEGALLY. Yellow curbing means NO PARKING. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 minutes or 2 hours — it is DANGEROUS! The kids CANNOT see around your car to see if someone is speeding up that hill.
  • Please drive slowly as we have many kids coming and going from the studio as well as our neighbor, The Pyramid. Make the kids the priority, not the clock.


  • Our tuition is an annual cost. You may pay for the year or take advantage of our monthly installment plan.
  • Payments are due the first week of lessons EACH MONTH. This goes from Oct until May.
  • Partial payments are accepted. Don’t let yourself get too far behind by not paying at ALL.
  • Upon reaching 45 days past due, there is a $2 PER CLASS fee added on to tuition payment.
  • Upon reaching 60 days past due, the student will not be able to partake in class. They may watch so they do not get an absence, but they will not be able to JOIN class until tuition is brought up to date by paying in CASH.
  • There is a $25 returned check fee for any bounced checks.
  • After bouncing a check for the 2nd time, your account will be cash/PayPal ONLY.
  • Payments made at studio are cash/check. Credit card payments need to be done online thru PayPal.  


  • Any student found to be performing with ANY other dance studio will be removed immediately from the TNT roster.  NO refunds of tuition, costume costs, or any other costs incurred up to that point.  If student/family is currently expected to join in a TNT performance trip, that trip will be immediately cancelled.  Refunds pertaining to trips will depend on each individual circumtance and refunds from the entity TNT will be visiting.  NON-negotiable.
  • Again, tuition is an ANNUAL cost.  Teaching children today to stick with what they started and being a team member is more important than ever.  Fees will be assessed to parents for any student leaving after November.  These fees will be assessed in non-refund of all or portion of annually paid tuition and/or direct fees assessed to the parent for early withdrawal of the student.  These direct fees will be prorated based on the month of withdrawal and is up to the discretion of management.  Any costume deposits given are NON-refundable, in addition to tuition fees, costume fees may be assessed due to cancellation of costume order.  When a child leaves the year early their ENTIRE CLASS /Staff suffers, so, yes, fees are necessary.
  • If student is ASKED to leave due to non-payment, behavorial issues or ANY reason determined by mangement.  There will be ZERO refunds.  
  • If the studio closes permanantly, refunds WILL be issued for annual payments made based on pro-rated amount time left in the season.  
  • You will NOT get "stiffed" by TNT at any point in time because we will always be loyal to our dance families, so we ask that you, in return, do not "stiff" us.  


General Stuff:


  • Make sure they have working buckles/velcro.
  • Make sure all screws are tightened in tap shoes.  Any damage incurred from loose screws falls to parents of student.
  • Again, NEVER allow wearing them outdoors.


  • One student at a time, teachers HAVE the authority to stop this from happening.
  • Teachers ALSO have the authority to ask/ensure that a child has flushed the toilet and washed their hands.
  • During Tinymite parent kick out in spring, teachers have authority to assist in bathroom needs of the little ones.


WE RECYCLE! We will remind and enforce this practice at the studio at all times!  We expect EVERYONE to follow this practice.  If unsure if something is recyclable, ASK. 



  • Deciding to cancel classes is a TOUGH decision. While they may PREDICT bad weather, weather is VERY unpredictable. So please, do NOT expect me to cancel classes PRIOR to the start of weather.
  • ONE HOUR PRIOR to your class, you will be notified in at least TWO of the following formats:
    • Channel 13 Blue Ridge Cable
    • Facebook TNT Studio of Dance PUBLIC page
    • Email (only if I'm at my laptop.  If I'm shoveling it will be via social media/interent only)
    • Tex (I am looking into an app that will allow me to send a MASS text to the cell phone numbers provided to me on your registration form. I will advise when I’ve figured that out.



Our motto here at TNT is "Fun in Learning".  Smiles are abundant, laughter is plentiful, learning is aplenty.  We strive to do all this, with all students, all year long <3  Welcome  to our dance family!  If you enjoy it here, tell a friend and earn referral bonuses!  Thank you all for sharing your kiddos with us, we love having them in our lives <3