Ellie's first dance recital was 2012 when she did a ballet to "Grandpa".  She is currently finishing up her ninth year of dancing and her second year of teacher training and once she graduates in 2020, she will begin her official teaching journey here with TNT and she is ALREADY amazing with the kdis, we can't wait to see how she grows <3.

Ellie is currently a student in the Lehighton Area Middle School but will enter the High School in fall 2020.  She is a member os the LAMS Daram Club and LAMS Music Express and she is also already a multi-year member of the Lehighton Area High School Indian Pride Marching Band.  When not dancing, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and playing volleyball.  Her favorite classes to take are math and science.  When she graduates high school she plans to further her education as a nurse.

Her favorite style dance is tap, but she also enjoys ballet and pointe.  She is on our Sr TapTeam "The Enterainers" and our Sr Ballet Team "Grace".  Her favorite TNT trip was Alaska 2014 and although hard to choose, her favorite routine over the years has probably been 2019's Nancy Mulligan (the Irish Step Routine).



Gracie has been with TNT for over 10 years now and is her 5th year of teaching.  She attends the Palmerton Area High School and will graduate in 2022.

Gracie's interest outside of dance include hanging out with her friends, watching movies, going to school sports events, and making people laugh.  Folks, you will see for yourself that her smile is, indeed, infectious.  And she always lights up the classes she teaches AND takes part in.

Her favorite style dance is tap and jazz.  She is on our Sr Jazz Team "Revolution" and since beginning hiphop in 2018 is beginning to like that more and more. 



Ava started dancing as a Tinymite when she was 3 years old. Her first recital was in 2009 when she did a tap to “Hip Hop Teddy Bear”. She is currently on her 13th year of dancing and  graduated training in 2020. She loves teaching all of the kids new steps and watching them learn those steps. She also adores all the dancers and how supportive everyone is at TNT. 

Ava is currently a sophomore at the Palmerton Area High School. She is on Student Council, and likes to help organize the different events for her school. When she is not dancing, she enjoys hanging out with her friends. Her favorite class in school is math. When she graduates, Ava plans to go to college and become an elementary school teacher.

Ava’s favorite dance style is tap, but she also enjoys jazz. She is a member on our Sr Tap Team “The Entertainers”. She enjoyed going on the TNT trip to Walt Disney World, where she performed one of her favorite routines Nancy Mulligan. 



Hailey's first dance recital was 2006 as a Tinymite singing and dancing to "Marshmallow World".  Hailey is also in her 5th year as a staff member here at TNT.

Hailey is a student at Lehigh Area High School where she is a member of the Lehighton Area Indian Pride Marching Band and Concert band.  She is also a member of the Tennis team which she really enjoys.  In addition to all the extra curricular activites, Hailey is also a member of the National Honor Society.  Hailey's future plans include going to college/med school to become a neurologist. 

Hailey's favorite style dance is ballet and she's a member of our Sr Jazz Team "Revolution" and our Sr Ballet Team "Grace".

Her favorite TNT trip was to Alaska in 2014, although as I'm typing this in February 2020...our Disney trip in January 2020 MAY have nudged out Alaska as her favorite?



Nicole has also been dancing since she was a Tinymite.  She has been with us since we began our Journey and was a teacher for us before heading off to IUP for college.  During her freshman year, she was very upset at missing her first recital ever so she joined us during 3 of her 4 college years onstage. She has returned to our staff during the 2016-2017 dance year and again, we couldn't be happier to have her!  She just performed in her 26th dance recital!!   

Nicole is a graduate of Lehighton High School and has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from IUP.  She is a Supports Coordinator Supervisor for the Office of Development Services of Carbon County.  She is a huge advocate for rights of individuals with disabilities and one of the kindest people you will ever meet.

Our 2007 Disney trip was Nicole's favorite.  She absolutely LOVES tap dancing, not only to perform but to teach as well.  Besides dancing, Nicole's loves include good coffee, her 2 cats, and watching British Netflix documentaries.  Her favorite Disney character is none other than Doug from "Up".  He's the best!



Laura started dancing at the age of 4 as a Tinymite.  She has been a member of TNT since its inception at 2004 and has returned to us after college to continue teaching for us and we couldn't be happier to have her back!  Laura is a graduate of Kutztown University with a BS in Music Education.

She is currently a music teacher for St. Jerome's Regional School, the organist at 1st Presbyterian Church, and she does private instruction at Carbon County Music and More.  This is all, by the way, in addition to her being at the studio 2 nights per week, Laura is one of the hardest working "young" people I know. Laura's hobbies include dancing, musical theater, scrapbooking, and being outdoors.  She is also a SERIOUS roller coaster enthusiast!  

Laura's favorite TNT trip was to Atlantic City in 2010 for "The Pulse" dance tour.  Her favorite genres of dance are tap and ballet and, in honor of our 2018 Disney Recital, Laura tells us her favorite Disney character is Minnie Mouse <3



Hager was 5 when she started dancing and she's been with TNT for 12 years now.  She has been on our staff for 5 years now and we couldn't be happier to have her.

Hager is a senior at Jim Thorpe High School and is a majorette in the Jim Thorpe Marching Band and a member of the Glee Club.  She loves her graphic design classes and is pondering a career in that field after high school.

Hager's favorite TNT trip was to Disney in 2020.  Her favorite genre of dance is tap and she is a proud member of our Sr Tap Team "The Entertainers".  Other than dance, Hager enjoys reading, singing, and ANYTHING Disney :)



At 3 years old is when Carly entered her first dance class.  And it is now over 30 years that she's been dancing!  She was with TNT from the very start being an integral member of our staff as well as helping me through SO many recital, Christmas show, costume, vacation decisions, it's impossible to count the ways Carly is important to TNT!   

Carly has been a dance teacher for 19 years now and her favorites to teach are our Tinymites <3.  She is a graduate of Lehighton Area High School and as part owner of W.M.Miller Painting Company, a family owned business since 1902 (4th generation).  

Carly has been with us on ALL of our TNT trips, but her favorite was our Alaskan cruise in 2014.  Another of her favorites would HAVE to be Universal Studios in 2016 because she got to see Harry Potter World!  (She's an HP junkie folks haha).  Besides dance, she enjoys reading, photography, baking, traveling, hanging with her puppy Ranger, and being with her nephews.  Her favorite Disney character is Cinderella and she would love to trade places for a day with Kate Middleton or Emma Watson.



Clarissa started dancing in 2010 when she did ballet to "Little Toy Trains". She is currently finishing up her 11th year of dance and has graduated to a teacher in 2020! She really loves to work with kids and can't wait to grow and learn with them.

Clarissa is currently a student at Lehighton Area High School. She plays trombone in the Lehighton Area High School Indian Pride Marching Band, and the Lehighton Concert Band. This year she was part of the Carbon County Band. She is also part of the Lehighton Area High School Chorus and the Lehighton show choir. When she is not dancing she is out side riding her bike or playing games with her friends. Her favorite classes in school are geology, ecology, and biology . When she graduates school she plans to become a marine biologist.

Her favorite dance style is hip hop and ballet, but she also really enjoys to to do tap and jazz. She is on our Sr tap team "The Enterainers", our Sr ballet team "Grace", and our Sr jazz team "Revolution". her favorite TNT trip is the performance was the trip to Hershey park with all her friends, and her favorite routine over the years is "Crazy In Love" performed by the Sr jazz team.



Baylee began dancing as a 2 year old as a "Baby Bumblebee".  She has just performed in her 15th dance recital and is entering her 6th year of dance teaching.  She is a member of all three of our Sr Dance Teams as well as an integral member of our staff.

In addition to teaching and taking lessons 3-4 nights a week, Baylee is a student at Lehighton Area High School, LCCC, and a member of the Lehighton Area Tribe Pride Marching Band, concert band, and member of the Track team.  She is also in National Honor Society as well as National Arts Honor Society.  Her future plans include going to college for her BS in Nursing and further specializing, she just hasn't made a decision in what yet.

Baylee's favorite TNT trip was our Alaskan cruise 2014.  Her favorite styles of dance are tap and pointe.  She has played the piano for 12 years and in addition to playing piano, she enjoys sketching portraits.  Her favorite subject is, you guessed it, Science, and she plans to put that into good use in the future.  Her favorite Disney character is Mary Poppins, she can probably sing every word as well as act out every scene. :)



You can read most in "Our Story".  But, in addition to that, I have been married for 26 years and am a mom to 3 amazing kids.  I am literally living my life dream by owning a dance studio and never for a moment take that for granted.  I am honored to teach these kids and love all their smiles (:

My favorite Disney character has to be "Genie" from Aladdin.  He's got rhythm, he's kind, and he always makes me laugh.  The perfect man! ;)