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2019-2020 Registrations

REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW OPEN FOR OUR 2019-2020 DANCE SEASON!  WOO HOO!  Join our family by clicking "Enroll Now".  Already a family member?  Email us regarding our amazing referral program! 

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Sunday September 9th from 2pm-4pm


Come and enjoy some FREE starter classes and some FREE refreshments.


Open to new AND returning TNT students/friends!  Come and HAVE A BLAST (:

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Back from tranquility, headed for reality

Hi guys!  We are back from our cruise for a solid 2 weeks now and I'm JUST getting my work brain back, I apologize for delays.  I will start sending invoices soon to those who've opted to pay annually.  I'm also going to be working with "our guy" to put our parent/student policies on our page so you can "accept" them online versus having to sign my magical papers during our first week of dance.  Hoping to get that rolled out for August sometime.  Any questions, you know I'm an email or phone call away (:  Enjoy the remainder of your summer, we all know how quickly time flies :)

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Check your inbox for week one info (:

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October 2nd is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!  Who's exicted for dance classes to start?  I know our staff is!  We can't WAIT to meet our new students and we are SO excited to get to see our returning students!!!  

Don't forget about our referral program!  If you refer a friend, you get a $27 tuition credit for every classes they take (:  Email us to find out more information on this fun reward program  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Open House/Meet the Teacher 2017

Hello everyone!   It's HEIGH HO HEIGH HO for us, cuz it's off to work we go!  Our teaching staff is getting ready for our dance year!  We will BE PREPARED!  Our first official meeting is this weekend!  We will hand out schedules for the year, discuss recital plans, talk about and finalize changes to policies and procedures, and we will talk about all of our students and our excitement for the new year!  IT'S DISNEY YEAR!  Who doesn't love a great Disney tune??  Check out our website on details about our Open House and come and meet your teachers!  Sept 10th from 1pm-3pm!  Come on in and BE OUR GUEST!   Looking for a new dance studio, something different?  TNT could be a WHOLE NEW WORLD for you!  Worried about meeting new friends?  LET IT GO and just come join the fun, HAKUNA MATATA!    We'll GO THE DISTANCE to become PART OF YOUR WORLD.  Haha see what I did there?? ;)

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