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Our story begins when I was a little girl trying to let go of my mom's hand to go with the "nice lady" to take my first dance lessons. It didn't go so well. I cried quite a bit for the first few weeks, but eventually found my "dance legs" and haven't looked back since then. Throughout my childhood years I twirled baton, tumbled in gymnastics class, and learned to leap and turn in jazz classes. But, in the end, it was those tap shoes and ballet shoes that made me most happy. I began student teaching with a skip in my heartbeat and was thrilled to become a "real" dance teacher in high school and since then have logged 30 years in teaching dance lessons.

TNT's story began on a fateful Saturday morning in 2004 upon receipt of a letter that my beloved dance studio would be changing hands to whomever would like to "take the reigns". My life-long dream was about to come true. In a matter of weeks the whirlwind of running my own dance studio began. And, let me say, we hit the ground running in Fall of 2004.

Unconventional. It's a word that's been used to describe our dance studio and we're OK with that. We do things a bit differently and that's OK. When our students walk into class, our goal is to not only teach them dance technique and rhythms, but also to do so in a fun, loving enviroment. We have one of the most laid back attendance policies, an almost non-existent dress code, and a pride that goes along with knowing that many of our students arrived at our doorstep because of word of mouth. That means we're doing something right and will continue to do so.

Since opening, TNT students have performed across the US and Interntaionally as well! We've done countless community performances, competed and won awards in many dance competitions, and have shared our talents and hard work with our families in 13 annual recitals which have raised over $30,000 for the American Cancer Society and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

We have shared good times and bad times together as a "dance family" and through it all, we remain bound together by our love of dance, our respect for one another, and our common need to have FUN! Contact us if you'd like to become a member of our family, we'd love to hear from you.


(a.k.a "Mama Debbie", "Debbie Dance", or "Hey")

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TNT Studio of Dance
379 North 3rd Street
(Third & Ochre Streets)
Lehighton, PA 18235

(610) 377-TNT1
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Mon, Tues & Wed:  4:00PM - 9:00PM

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